Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Social Network

I’m not particularly sure if anyone other than myself has noticed it but social media has become almost a joke. By definition alone it’s supposed to be used for social means and sharing certain media between people. As of late it’s been clogged with half naked females, stupidity, high school drama, and all types of nonsense. But, occasionally, you find a rose amid the weeds. Case in point: the hip-hop duo Southside Celebrity. Through a mutual acquaintance on Twitter I met two young rappers who give me hope for hip-hop. This duo consists of Atlanta rappers Ceeno Hatas (@CeenoHatas) and Alkebulan (@AlkebulanX2). I’ve downloaded mixtapes from them and have been thoroughly impressed with the production as well as the sound. But this review isn’t about them. It’s about a friend of theirs by the name of Curtis Williams (@ThatBoyCurtis).

More often than not greatness seeks out equal greatness. I can say this is true of Curtis Williams. After reading a tweet about his newest mixtape Trill Shit Only (his sophomore effort) I decided to check it out and see if the music lived up to the hype. I am very happy to say that it exceeds it. The first thing I noticed was the laid back sound you get from Mr. Williams. It’s an almost syrupy quality that is wonderful to the ears. The songs presented boast features from fellow Atlanta rappers Alkebulan and MoneyMakinNique (@mOneyMakinNique) and countless others. Each feature is well laced and near flawless. One of my favorite tracks has to be “Missing Us”, a perfectly confident player’s anthem of sorts featuring Alkebulan. A few tracks also had me enamored and lost in Williams’ Trill world. Here they are:

“Money In The Walls” (ft. Hardaway Smith)-This track evokes that gangster sort of vibe that you automatically feel when you think about movies like The Godfather or American Gangster. Upon listening to this one you’d be inclined to think of the latter based on the use of one of the movie’s quotes (“The loudest one in the room is the weakest in the room”)

“London, Paris”-I’m a movie buff as well as lover of music. When I sit back and allow this track to play I’m in put in mind of The Thomas Crown Affair, the ultimate heist movie. Williams’ words and their content collide well to make something wonderfully smooth and easy to listen to.

So all I have left to say is this: you should be downloading this as soon as you can. Go and get it now!

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