Thursday, November 24, 2011

Amp up your Lifestyle (Winter Wonderland Issue) XS Energy Drinks

Now adays (unless you are rich) it is getting harder and harder to make it just working a regular 9 to 5.  With limited resources, lack of financial support and a bad economy...more and more people are starting to step out the box by building their own business.

Royalty Magazine respects that hustle and will use this section to highlight business professionals of various backgrounds. 

Biz~Pro Spotlight 
Royalty Magazine:  Slanging energy drinks is definetely something new and creative (especially for minorities), how did you get started and what is your passion behind XS Energy drinks?

Big Sean:  I started as a former IBO for Amway Global March17,2009.  I left the company due to creative differences promoting the product, now I'm an independent operator.  My passion is knowing XS Energy Drink can give Red Bull a run for it's money. 

RM:  In being in general competition with Red Bull, Monster, 5 hour and other brand name known energy does XS stand out amongst the competition?

Big Sean: What makes XS stands out is 14 great tasting flavors, potent mix of B vitamins, premium herbs and no sugar.

RM: What are some of your best selling/tasting flavors?

Big Sean: Best tasting selling flavors is Wild Berry, Cherry and Tropical Blast.

RM: If you had one chance and one impression to sell your movement, how would you describe it? Why should people holla at you when their ready to Amp up their lifestyle? 

Big Sean: People should holla when I say "Amp Up Your Lifestyle" because it means to try to energize and motivate yourself to greater passion as well as inspiration to try XS Energy Drinks.  

RM: You are definitely out here pushing your product and its evident its something you believe in, how do you promote yourself? What are people's first impression when you tell them about XS Energy drinks?

Big Sean: I promote myself by giving out buisness cards and telling people to watch my youtube videos of XS Energy Drinks.  Most peoples 1st impression is skeptical, but once they try a sample of XS Energy Drinks their demeanor changes.

RM: Any advice to someone who is looking to launch their own business who may not have the resources or confidence to do so? What would you say to them? How do you stay consistant during an economy that seems to fall harder amongst minorities, poverty and low income families?

Big Sean: My advice to anyone who wants to start their buisness is to be patient, persistant and dream.  It took me 3 years to get to this level so expect some speed bumps along the way.

I stay consistent by getting on my grind and networking.

RM: Any last words/comments/shot outs?

Big Sean: Shout out to DJ Big Cal of Linklive Entertainment, Ad the Genaral & Fe Fe of Elegant Hoodness, Urban Media TV staff, Bigger and Better Thangs Staff, MSG, NYC.  

RM: How can people keep up with you? What is your website info?

Big Sean: People can keep up with me by going to facebook,myspace,twitter,youtube(Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks) and PromoteMyself Website.Also look for me on Unsyned Heatt DVD Magazine with DJ Frank White promoting XS Energy Drinks.And and they will blow up me and XS Energy Drinks.

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