Friday, November 11, 2011

Out the Box (Winter Wonderland Issue)

Royalty Magazine is reaching OUT THE BOX to bring you some talented artists in different genres.

This months light shines on...
Not Them:  Hiphop/Electronic/Dance/DJ

The wordsmiths Gentleman J and The Dirt Merchant met in film school at Full Sail University. After a couple drunken freestyles at parties the dynamic duo decided to attempt writing songs, which never happened. It wasn’t until chance put them in the same house, aptly dubbed “The Stronghold”, where the Hip Hop magic began.

If every aspect of hip hop were in a digital picture, then Not Them! uses every single pixel in the frame.

They are an uber imaginative, poetically inclined, trail mix of soliloquies that are just as fun to hang out with, as they are to listen to.

After all, they are just trying to make friends…. with the world in mind.

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