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Ear Hustlin (Winter Wonderland Issue)

Chillin' with Tazzy - the Chief Editor

Whut it do?  Make sure you check out my music as well as site.  I am working on some new heat that should be dropping early 2012!  Spit Don't Swallow (the Mixtape)...coming soon...

Blackout Mode

This is a new section that I like to call Blackout Mode.  I will feature music, videos, etc from two of my favorite rappers "Redman" & "Methodman".  I will also show videos from their entourages and collaborative emcees.  I don't think they get the props or credit they deserve so with me being a fan & a media outlet to the underground, I am giving respect where respect is due!  If you have any videos or suggestions, holla at me on twitter @tazdatmc

Hiphop at its finest!!!!!!!!

Tazzy's exclusive interview with Mec-One....

Royalty Magazine: What's good Mec?  How was your summer?

Mec-One: I'm good,as far as my summer it was ok could have been better lol!

RM: Awww I know how that can be.  So how is the grind treating you?  What new projects do you have in circulation and/or about to release?

Mec: The grind has been great! I really love what i do regardless of money or no money.  As far as project's...I just dropped a few mixtapes "Heatwave" vol.1 & 2 & "Murder Spree" Hacked 4.  I'm also about to work on my 5th installment of the Halloween series "Murder Spree" Hacked 5.  But you know what?? Everyday is Halloween for me so imma drop these mixtape series regardless lol!

RM: Lol.  I can dig it!  I am also digging the Mixtapes on Deck site that you made.  Creating another outlet for artists to upload their mixtape so they can get additional exposure is dope all in itself!  What prompted the move to design a mixtape site?  How has the artist response been since you launched the site?

Mec: Well it's in it's prime, kinda too early to tell but slowly but surly artists are submitting their project's so that's cool.  As far as me doing this, I do it because I love mixtapes (always have...always will).  This is just my way of showing love to the artist who's seriously on their grind & at the same time I'm promoting myself as well as my team. 

So on that note, artists if you have something just submit it!  It's as easy as 1,2,3 to post up your submission. All I expect in return is that the artist just post my banner on their mixtapes in support of the site.

RM: That is a sweet deal.  You have got show love to get it back!  That's the only way that we can make some sort of progress with the moves we makeAnyways, I've checked out the site and it's tight!  Off top, what are some must peep mixtapes on your site and how can people download them?

Mec: Well most mixtapes are linked to other mixtape sites like datpiff etc.  All they have to do is click the cover & it will link you to that site where the download is.  Well we got a few gems on there by us like Easy's solo mixtape "Easy behave (free easy edition)" ,Preamo's "Man the Fuck up" mixtape & "Army of Four (generals at war)". Other than that I mostly have industry artist mixtapes by top DJ's so get your fix where everything is on deck! lol!

RM: Lol.  That's wassup!  You not only drop your own mixtapes but you are also a producer, how did you get started making beats?

Mec: Well it goes back to 2002 because that is where I first started playing the keyboard.  The first program I ever used was logic platinum.  I was inspired by a few friends who were doing it at the time & was showed how to use the program to make my beat's sound better...I was also inspired by the great's like Pete Rock, Hovoc of Mobb Deep, DJ Premiere, Alchemist, Rza & the producer's from Dipset & so on & the rest was history.

RM: Do you remember the first instrumental you composed?  What pushed you to take that first step to make a beat and what equipment did you use to make it?  Was it hot or wack? 

Mec: Yes my first beat was super wack lol! But like always you gotta crawl before you walk!  Not every beat on your first try is alway's goina be hot...but as time went by I was getting better.

The first keyboard I ever used was a ASR & from there I started using the Oxygen 8 Mini
Keyboard (a dummy keyboard with logic exs 24 library stock sounds).

RM: You seem to handle the beats as well as mixtapes and Big Skilly seems to hold down the video production side of things.  How did yall two hook up and what can we expect to see from the movement in 2012?

Mec: Yes I handle the graphics, the DJing,the music production, recording's as well as promotion.  While Big Skilly handles the video's & eblast's, which is a very heavy promotional tool he take's care of.  So expect more production from me as well as mixtape's and new video's from Big Skilly Films featuring artists like Triple Threat, Kennedy Clemente, Preamo & Mo-Barz.

RM: I can dig it!  Being from New York how do you stay consistant with the competition?  What makes you stand out as a producer and why should artists let you produce their record?

Mec: Our grind is crazy!  We are not only on one website our product is posted on various blogs, mixtape site's, video site's & on the street's as well.  But since this is the grind of the future...we mostly promote and network on the net, which is a very productive as well as effective way to reach out to the viewers & listener's.  It doesn't matter if they hate it or love it because they still seeing us!  Most artists only promotional tool is their hood, datpiff, facebook & youtube & call it a night...but it is what it is!

RM: Real Talk!  So how do you feel about the current state of hiphop?  Where do you see it going over the next few years?

Mec: I mean as far as hip hop everybody doing the samething "money, hoe's, murder...not to much lyrical be honest it's leaning more to the South.  I see the Eastcoast to the Westcoast bumping the South style of music.  I got no real beef with that cause it's not really too much of the beats, it's the lyrical content that's put on them beats which is trash lol! But I've heard some nice rappers spit to them South beats really nice & keep it hip hop regardless. 

As far the radio goes...I dont really listen to it just the mixtape's because most them artists are hungry like when 50 started...

RM: Any last words/comments/shot outs?

Mec: Yes I would like to thank my supporter's from the UK Lou Lou production's (the kartel family producer's in the uk) jimus, ranger, the artist Mo-Barz, Preamo, Triple Threat, G3mz, Tazdatmc, Big Skilly Films, Dinero Management, Shawn Butter's, Crime Square DJ's from harlem, S.T. da Nomad & whoever else I forgot just many too name lol!

RM: How can people keep up with you as well as check out some of your work?

Mec: Hit me up on twitter/meconeproduct or & my facebook band page mec-one productions & &

RM: That's wassup Mec!  Good looks on the interview fam...keep grinding...much respect!

Video(s) of the Month

Hiphop ThrowBacks

RIP Heavy D

It's crazy because Heavy D just performed a few weeks ago on the BET awards.  This was Heavy's first performance in 15 years.  I am blessed to have been able to seen that performance as well as have gotten a chance to know one of hiphop's finest.  Here is Heavy at this years BET awards...

R&B Throwbacks

Movie ThrowBacks

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Also last issue I had a chance to catch up with Big Skilly of Big Skilly here to check out his feature and exclusive interview.

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