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Ear Hustlin' (Fall Back Issue 2011)

Chillin' with Tazzy - the Chief Editor

Whut it do?  Thank you for checking out my section!  As you can see...I am exploring new ideas and trying to take Royalty Magazine to an even higher level.  So far the response is good...please make sure you leave comments, feedback, etc. 

Blackout Mode

This is a new section that I like to call Blackout Mode.  I will feature music, videos, etc from two of my favorite rappers "Redman" & "Methodman".  I will also show videos from their entourages and collaborative emcees.  I don't think they get the props or credit they deserve so with me being a fan & a media outlet to the underground, I am giving respect where respect is due!  If you haven't copped that Blackout II yet, please make sure you do...don't sleep!  Hiphop at its finest!!!!!!!!

This month "RuntDawg" graces the cover of Royalty Magazine.  RuntDawg is signed to Redman's label "GillaHouse".  Click here for exclusive interview with Runt as well as to check out his feature and videos!...

I would like to take this opportunity to feature "Big Skilly" of Big Skilly Films.  From the Kartel Big Skilly Films...Skilly has his hands in a little bit of everything.  He not only directs/edits some of the dopest music videos out of NY, but he also has put together a few must see documentaries and shows.  Big Skilly and his team go hard with the music, videos and of course the grind so make sure you stay up with them.
What else is Skilly up to?  Lets just say he is taking his creativity to a whole other level.  Check out some of his recent work:

Da Brat/Jermaine Dupri

Lil Wayne/Nicki Minaj 

 Jay Z/Nas


Drake/Nicki Minaj

 Swiss Beats/Alicia Keyz

Jay Z/Beyonce

I think that Skilly is not only creative for doing these pics but it is just hilarious!  I've seen some bad photoshop jobs before and these are far from that.  He is def skilled in what he does and makes them look so authentic.  I can tell you off top when I first saw the Jermaine Dupri + Da Brat pic I thought it was real lol.  

Anyways, as you can see Skilly be clowning...I had the opportunity to ask him about the motivation behind his picture.  Here's how it went down...

Royalty Magazine: You currently post up random pics in your "Pic of the Day" segment. What is your motivation behind this segment and how did you get started doing it?

Skilly:  I started to do this to generate traffic to my page.  To be honest, not everyone is going to come to your page and view all the hard work you post so I mix it up.  It's like when you have to give your dog his medicine and you mix it in the food...Thats what I do I mix it up! Once people come view pics then they end up browsing my page and see all my work...And they enjoy it!...Truth be told I have over 4000 friends on facebook, but I get more comments from people not on my friends list. I think mainly because my page is open to the public and those people that stop by eventually end up adding me as a friend...

Royalty Magazine: Sounds good.  You have posted some crazy, funny, weird and outright hilarious photos...what are a few of your favorites? Which ones have gotten the most buzz (good or bad)?

Skilly:  Yeah I post some crazy stuff Lml...But you gotta remember I live In New York City so crazy things are always happening.  I'm just glad that I get to take a photo of the craziness and share it with everyone...I posted up a pic once of a homosexual ad that was posted on a telephone, and that shit turned into a frenzy. I was getting messages from people not even on my friends list complaining, telling me to take it down because they thought I was trying to start a war with the Gays (which I wasn't). I guess the comments got some of them mad, but hey it's the opinion of people who have a belief & think thats wrong...

Royalty Magazine: Yeah I know what you mean.  An opinion is just that an long as you have your beliefs that's what matters.  You also started creating your own pics such as combining Jay z/Beyonce, Da Brat/Jermaine Dupri, Nas/Kelis, etc...what motivated you to start creating these pics?  I've also noticed that when you combine these artists faces/features you tend to stick to a certain theme (such as Nas + Kelis, 50 cent + Ja Rule, Rick Ross + 50 cent)...have you came across any challenges as far as some artists not lining up well or harder to recreate?  If so, what was the result?

Skilly: Yeah they were funny...I'm a hiphop junky through & through (I Breathe This)...My man was fucking around with photoshop merging actors and famous people so I decided...lets do rappers...So we did a few and people loved them...I started getting requests so I did them...And as always I got more traffic to my page. People started checking out my
videos asking for prices, so it worked out good. I did some that was straight up ugly so I didn't post those.

Royalty Magazine: lol I feel you.  You have also done countless music videos as well as documentaries. I remember seeing a glimpse of your skills when you started doing the "Hanging with the Kartel Family" series. You have def come along way since then...Can we expect any more volumes of the "Hanging with the Kartel Family?" What else can we expect to see from Big Skilly Films in 2011/2012?

Skilly: I stopped doing "Hanging with the Kartel Family" I'm working on "Big Skilly Films Tv" now...I switched it up a bit so you get to follow me around and see the shit I go through...I'm wrapping up my "Big Skilly Films Presents Vol.1 Dvd". I'm also working on my Hiphop documentary called "I AM.."  I'm also working on a few short films that's going to be crazy!  I will still be dropping videos in between so gotta stay busy, which I like to be.

Royalty Magazine: Sounds good!  Any comments/last words/shot outs?

I would like to thank all my supporters...cause when I've had enough of the bullshit you guys are the ones who motivate me to go hard and that's what I Need...

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Courtesy of Tazzy for Royalty Magazine 

Shot out to Big Skilly Films and his team.  Here are a few of his videos:

Monthly Classics

Video of the Month

Hiphop Throwbacks (RIP NATE DOGG)

R&B Throwbacks

Movie Throwbacks (Am I The Only One Who Remembers this Movie?)

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