Sunday, May 4, 2014

Porsche Whiters...the New Mz. Royalty!

Royalty Magazine: What’s good?  How are things on your end?

Porsche: Hello, everything is great. Things on my end are going well I must say.  

Royalty Magazine: You recently won the title of Royalty Magazine’s Mz Royalty.  Tell us what does it feel like to win?

Porsche: Yes, I did win Mz Royalty 2014.  The feeling was exhilarating. I was beyond excited when I found I had won. It was a very tough race. This being my second year entering the contest, I did not think I had that many supporters rooting for me and voting for me. Therefore, it was a blessing in disguise and I worked hard to get those votes.  

Royalty Magazine: How will you use your title to help brand Royalty Magazine as well as advance in your own career?

Porsche: I will use the title to help build my brand Mz Royalty by promoting the title and adding it to my name when being introduced as a model. I will use it on my resume also. With Royalty Magazine and its affiliates that will also help my career as a published model. The title will also help brand Royalty Magazine because I will be busy promoting the magazine to my entire local artist, so that they can have an outlet or a way to allow other people to hear their music and see their talents.  

Royalty Magazine: What were your initial feelings behind entering the contest?  Did you think that you would win? 

Porsche: My initial feelings were “oh wow, there are some beautiful ladies in this contest, there’s no way I could win or come close to winning.  I personally didn’t think I had a chance of winning this contest, but I prayed & asked God if it’s will let his will be done and after I put in work.

Royalty Magazine: What did you think about your competition during Royalty’s contest?  Is there anyone that you felt you had to worry about as far as giving you some competition?  Why or why not?

Porsche: I think that my competition during this contest was tough during this contest. I felt that Sherita Tucker was the one that I was most worried about the entire contest (shout out to Sherita Tucker). I felt she was the toughest competition because she has major followers and is a known model compared to me being a new face.  

Royalty Magazine: So what do you have popping now?  Are there any projects that you are working on now or in the near future?  How can people check out some of your work and/or portfolio?

Porsche: What I have popping now is I just became the face of Official Thickalicous Diva, Cover model for Fearless Curves website, and Cover Model for December 2013 Sports issue for Curvz Magazine. I recently became model of the year for XS Energy Drink with Sean Felder, and one of many models chosen for Addicted2Curves BBW Modeling and Peek-a-boo Fantasy 2014 calendar. Some future projects I am working on is being a cover model for mixtape tapes music DVDs, and getting my own t-shirt line. Lastly, I have a few upcoming fashion shows in the next couple of months. Make sure to check out   

Royalty Magazine: What are some of your future goals?  Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? 

Porsche: Some of my future goals are to broaden my horizons by being a traveling model, getting a bigger fanbase to do meet and greets, host events and break off into acting.  My main goal would be breaking barriers and becoming that model everyone wants to book. In the next 5-10 years, I want to be the most sought after plus model and getting featured in major campaign ads with major endorsements. 
Royalty Magazine: How do you feel communities like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help upcoming talent gain exposure?

Porsche: I feel that they help other regions of the USA hear artists that usually are limited. With Street Thoughts and Royalty Magazine artists that have been trying to be heard or seen have that opportunity and not limited to just their area, but a wide area and other regions of the USA.  

Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing or an interesting fact that you learned about the Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine during the competition?  What do you think about the community as a whole?  

Porsche: What I found interesting about Street Thoughts and Royalty Magazine is that they really do help create a fan base with their promoting and their promo team is the best. They feature more than just artists, but models as well. 

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to upcoming models trying to get in the game?  Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t spoke about already?  

Porsche: The advice I have to upcoming models trying to get in the game is pray about it first, be persistent, invest in yourself, and don’t think you are more than the next...always be willing to take advice from others.  One thing I would like to touch basis on is, No Plus Hate! We need to stop the bullying of all kinds.  Support the movement, we out here and we are real just as other models.

Royalty Magazine: Any last comments/shot outs?  Any special message to your family, friends& supporters who voted for you? 

Porsche: First, I want to thank God!  If it was not for him, I would not be here.  Thank you to Royalty Magazine and Street Thoughts for giving people like me the opportunity to display themselves and talents. Shout out to Melvin Hicks, Sean Felder, Bo Mania Parker, Jonathan Herring, EZDOZIT Photography, Curvy Girl Photography, Curvz Magazine and Eric BeTV.  The designers I have worked with Charniseia Monae, Diva by Te’Meka, V’Dinx and Official Thickalicous Divas.  My other supporters Suge Nutts of Nutts magazine for supporting the curvy girl movement and Queensize Curves of Addictive2Curves BBW Modeling for the support she has given. I want to say thank you to all the ones that voted for me to help this become possible. Major love and thanks to my family and friends, thank you sincerely for the continued support. A special message to everyone, especially those that do not feel like they cannot succeed, “Dream until Your Dream Comes true!” If I forgot anyone, charge it to my mind and not my heart. I love you all.

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