Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Strap (AKA Ammo) Takes Elegant Hoodness By Storm

Terrell Gilstrap (born June 6, 1986), was born in Memphis, TN, and has resided in Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL and Raeford, NC. To his friends, family and fans, he is known simply as Strap.

Early on it became clear that he had a voice capable of capturing the hearts and imaginations of all who heard it. 

Strap's early childhood was filled with music. His mom, her brother and younger sister immersed him in the roller skating lifestyle of the late 80's and early 90's in Milwaukee. Bombarded with everything from James Brown, Al Green, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees, Tool, Jimmy Hendrix and Parliament/Funkadelic there’s no question about his old school flava. From the rap /hip-hop era his influences came from artist like Tupac, Scarface, UGK, 8Ball and MJG, Outcast, Ludacris and many others. He became infused to the core with a love for and an appreciation of all things musical. He soaked in the sounds of his grandmother's gospel group. His spiritual play with words speak for themselves. 

He began rapping and writing at a young age, but life and other inconvenient truths intervened. He managed to avoid the darkest corners of a world that beckons to a young man with big dreams and made his way to the United States Air Force. 

He never lost his love of music though, and that dream was still there along with two key ingredients that weren't there before...focus and finances!

In 2009 he was blessed to be able to record more than ever as evidenced by his unique and truly evolving style. 

Strap intends to underline the focus of his generation’s mission to change the popular vulgarity in the Hip-Hop/ Rap industry today and relay the messages we have all been missing. His southern swag and smooth as silk delivery caresses the ears of listeners, even as the intricate word play he uses penetrates minds on a universal level. 

Courtesy of EHMP

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