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Independent music is the true life blood of any musical style.  It is what keeps introducing us to new artists, sounds and styles. Recently we chopped it up with the multi talented Relly Rellz.

Welcome, please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name Relly Rellz... I'm a Artist, producer, and songwriter from Pa... My team Is WatsupWatsup...

I understand that you come from a musical family, please tell us about that.
Relly Rellz: My pops is a musician and my moms sing in church... I got 9 siblings... 5 boys 4 girls.. Since birth we all was taught an instrument... By 6 or 7 years old each of us was playin in church...  First my father started the boy band with me and my 2 brothers... One of my brothers on the drums, another on the bass, and me on the piano.., After we  stop going to church as often my pops replaced us with my younger sisters.. He put one on the drums, one on the bass, and 2 on the piano.. Around that same time I started performing my music so I used my sisters as my band and still to this day I do.. My brothers and one my sisters also rap and the other sisters sing... If you listen to my mixtape "The Relly-Tape" or my new album "The Relly Rellz Project" most of the features are my siblings...

 How would you describe your styles and who were some of your early influences?

Relly Rellz: My style is kinda indescribable because how diverse I am... I do all kind of music... hip hop, RnB, pop, country, and even gospel.. Being so talented it hard to corn my creativity in... Some of my influences would have to be Biggie, 2pac, Jayz, 50cent, T Pain, and drake... All different from each other and I feel I have a little of them all in me...

 What do you think about the state of the art of MCing?

Relly Rellz: I think the state of MCing at the moment lost quality.. It's not much thinking involved any more... Long as you say something dumb with swagg it's acceptable... And I think technology play a part in it too... The world is being simplified so music is following...

 What are some of your biggest accomplishments to date?

Relly Rellz: I think my biggest accomplishments so for was my college tour I put together the "So WatsupWatsup Tour", my mixtape "The Relly-Tape", My team, and All The shows I been doing grabbing da attention of AnRs and other industry cats...

 Any current projects on the streets?

Relly Rellz: My Mixtape "The Relly Tape"... Drop that on Hot New Hiphop and datpiff... And been selling it on the streets from NY to GA...

 Where can fans hear your music and how can artists reach you for collabo's? 

Relly Rellz: Fans can hear music on www.WatsupWatsup.comhotnewhiphop.comdatpiff.com, YouTube.com/rellyrellz21, Facebook, twitter.com/RellyRellzNBP... And artist can hit my email TheGhostDoubleR@gmail.com.

 Any last words or shout outs?

Relly Rellz: Shout out to my team..WatsupWatsup, Wiz, Queez, M Eazii, Reez, Mista Klik, My All Girls Band, Kiimmee, Jeanette Charay, Jo Jo, Jennell, My City ABE, All my supporters, SHOUT OUT TO EVERYBODY THAT BELIEVE IN ME... #WatsupWatsup

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