Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Will …‘Save Rock And Roll’?

I am an eclectic soul by nature. My mother can be thanked for that much. As such I am going to step outside of the hip-hop genre for this review. If you’re strictly about hip-hop and nothing else, I would suggest you stop reading right now.

Since “This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race” I have been a Fall Out Boy fan. So I was wholly content when I heard they had a brand new album coming this year. Much like when you’re anticipating anything I sat with bated breath for this one. When I finally got my hands on it I wasn’t disappointed.

Save Rock And Roll keeps to the bombastic style of music that many have come to recognize as their signature style. Patrick Stump’s vocals are crisp and strong with great instruments behind him making each track stand strong.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) is a personal favorite of mine. The track is drum heavy and powerful. Fall Out Boy were said to have noted this song as the overall theme or rather the best representative for this album. It was the band’s comeback single and quite a note to come back on.

Alone Tonight” is a sweeter song than the previous one. The chorus is an indication of that.

I don’t know where you’re going/But do you got room for one more trouble soul?/I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t think I’m coming home/And I said I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead/This is the road to ruin/And we’re starting at the end.

To the best of my deciphering this song that speaks of life’s hardships being a bit easier if a troubled soul walks with a companion down this unsure road. This is a truth that I can relate to without much effort. The guys get major points for so eloquently relaying this thought.

Where Did The Party Go” reminds me of plenty of drunken Saturday nights that I’ve had. This one somehow embodies every one of those experiences with a 4:30 track.

The title track “Save Rock And Roll” is quite possibly the best track on here. As the title suggests the track is about the next generations of rock and roll. The track is accentuated by an Elton John that seems to legitimize what they’re speaking on. Elton John himself belts out what I thought could have been the most inspiration thing I’ve heard in a song in a while.

You are what you love/Not who loves you/In a world full of the word ‘yes’/I’m here to scream

Songs like “The Mighty Fall” and “Rat A Tat” are worth listening to as well, with features from Big Sean and Courtney Love respectively.

Fall Out Boy, after a three year hiatus have brought us great music and done their part to save rock and roll. Imagine that.

Written by Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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