Sunday, November 10, 2013

Georgia Reign, Loved By ‘Dope Boyz’…And Me

Twitter is to blame for this review.

I say that because for the last few weeks my timeline has been filled with whispers and bated anticipations for the mixtape/album from songstress Georgia Reign. I looked in on her Twitter page and I was struck with how beautiful she was. But in my attempts to be objective I hit a link to hear if the beauty extended beyond the sweet brown frame.

I’m pleased to say that it did.

For that reason I was anticipating the release.

Today I downloaded the project, an effort entitled #DopeboyzLuvMe, and prepared my ears for more of what I’d only sampled a week or so previously.

#DopeboyzLuvMe boasts strong production and equally sound vocals. The lovely vocals are in full effect throughout.

My ears first fall on “Cocaine”. Listeners will recognize a audio sample from the cult classic Friday. From there “Cocaine” becomes a sound almost reminiscent of the trap music Atlanta tends to be known for. Accordingly Georgia’s delivery reflects that as she adopts an almost hip-hop sound. This song uses the addictive properties of cocaine to parallel her sexual allure. Normally this would be overtly sexual but something about hits all the right notes. Frequent Chris Brown collaborator Kevin McCall makes an appearance and adds credibility to an already solid track.

He Got Me” is a bit more vocally influenced. She hits highs and lows effortlessly. This song speaks of an independent woman who is content with that fact that she has a man who takes care of her financially when the need arises. Again I could almost say this is a similar concept to what we often hear but it doesn’t seem to play that same song. 50 Cent is featured here and although his contribution isn’t large, he does add to the song with his verse.

A little bit of nostalgia hits me when I hear “Dope (Hot) Boyz Interlude”. It is a clever reworking of Missy Elliott’s “Hot Boyz”. Here vocals and rhyming collide in the same way that Missy herself did. Everything about it made me smile.

Fuck My Ex” was the song that I sampled and made me even consider this project. As the title may suggest this is a break-up song with melodic vocals and that jilted edge you’d expect from this type of song. There is another level to it, one that makes you nod your head in the way you might to a Keyshia Cole or Mary J. Blige song.

A few other standout tracks include “Bitch” and “Feel Like A Woman” featuring the ever talented Raheem Devaughn.

In closing, eleven tracks have rarely done so much for me lyrically. I can glady say that Georgia Reign has joined the list. Although dope boys might love her as the album title so eloquently suggests I, a humble Southern gentleman, have fallen as well.

Written by Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine


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