Thursday, May 9, 2013

XS Energy Drinks Stay Energized - Interview w/ Sean Felder


      Royalty Magazine: What’s good? How has the first quarter of the year been treating you so far? What is one of your biggest accomplishments or greatest memories of 2012??

      Sean Felder:  2013 is going great, already 3 Youtube videos dropped promoting XS Energy Drinks the night of 1/16/13 at Club Pyramid.  

      Best memories of 2012 was when I was on front cover of Unsyned Heatt DVD (Once Again It's On Edition), being a vendor twice for C'est Maginifique Fashion Show for CEO, Model Shen Bennet and watching my youtube videos blowing up with more viewers.

      Royalty Magazine: Tell us one thing you will do differently this year than previous years before?

      Sean Felder:  What I will do differently is make sure models follow contract procedures when advertising and promoting the product.  I will also stay away from potential beefs.  

      I had a so called phony model try to take advantage of me.  I sent her $75 to do photos of XS Energy Drinks, but got nothing in return Taz.  Also when haters takes shots at you...move on.  Why waste time and energy arguing?  They don't wanna see you blow up!

      Royalty Magazine: What makes XS Energy better than its competition? Why should people choose & support this product?

      Sean Felder:  XS Energy Drinks is better than others because of 15 different flavors, no sugar and no caffeine.
      Royalty Magazine: You are constantly taking creative risks as well as pushing the envelope when it comes to your promotion tactics. What motivates you to go so hard for XS Energy and how will you continue to push your movement to reach new heights?

      Sean Felder:  I go hard promoting XS because with my strong marketing plans, you will see it soon in Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.  Watch my "The Black Man Can" on facebook (Extraordinary Black Men).

      To reach new heights I will reach out to big magazines like Entrepreneur, Fortune, Black Enterprise, Wall Street Journal, Money, etc to get XS mainstream.  You gotta think outside the box to get the word out on the product.  

      Royalty Magazine: Your promotional tactics have caused some challenges along the way and even ended up with you having creative differences with your previous distributor Amway. Can you tell us a little bit about that situation? Where do you and Amway stand today on this issue?

      Sean Felder:  Yes, I'm part of a class action lawsuit vs Amway for illegal pyramid scams.  If you saw Arlene Brown Media, I spoke out on how Amway Rules & Conduct Staff discriminated against me, they never gave me strong support when I wanted to do trade shows promoting the product.  Go to for more info on the Amway lawsuit.  They gotta pay out 34 million to former IBO's who were scammed so I'm getting a nice check.

      Royalty Magazine: Let’s talk a little bit about your promotional models. Can you tell us who some of the models are that you have worked with?

      Sean Felder:  Had 4 models who helped me promote XS Energy Drinks.  BBW model of Forbidden Illustrations "Ladee Nympho Rice" was the 1st model who helped.  Her photos are on facebook.  2nd was "JADA bLACK" (She was wearing XS shirt holding sample on May 2012 issue of Dyme Squad Magazine).  Jay Lynn did events with me at NYC Club Pyramid with Elegant Hoodness Music Network.  She has appeared in many magazines since building her brand.  

      Now Octavia Johnson (model wearing XS Gear on website) is on Royalty Magazine 2013 calender and is building her brand (watch out for her).  I'm also currently talking to more models to help push the brand and you will see them shortly.

      Royalty Magazine: You currently network with underground artists, full figured models, adult film starts, etc to help you push the XS brand. What motivated you to go the entertainment route to help you broadcast your message? How well is XS perceived in the entertainment/hiphop community?
      Sean Felder:  I went to entertainment to see if they can help give exposure.  Upcoming rapper Crazy Harry freestyled XS on youtube and is getting mad views.  Pretty Stizzy spit freestyle on youtube is getting heads to take notice.  She's on Unsyned Heatt DVD, won 2012 Best New Artist Award from Elegant Hoodness and is ready to blow up.  Watch out for her.

      Go female adult film stars Simone Staxxx, Essence Laure, Go Go Fuk Me, Kristi Maxxx, Kytiana Kane also looking to help promote the product.  

      The hip hop community respects my hustle and grind and it's funny.  When 1st promoted XS at Bowery Poetry Club for Livelink Ent Feb 2010, heads looked at me differently.  I had to grind, keep promoting to talk about the product & get decent exposure.  Now look at me now talking to you!  I'm different, but as an entrepreneur, you have to take chances.

      Royalty Magazine: What are your future goals? Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Have you ever thought of creating & branding your own energy drink?

      Sean Felder:  I am talking to the NBA to see if they want to invest in XS Energy Drinks.  Will also each out to cats like Tyler Perry, Magic Johnson & Donald Trump to see if they want to invest in XS Energy Drinks.  Even Oprah...why not?  I see XS Energy Drinks invested with Coca Cola, Pepsi and big award shows like the Grammy's, MTV Awards, NAACP Image Awards, BET Awards in serious sponsorship's.  Should be a millionaire in 2 years and once I win settlement with Amway, I will invest in creating my own drink.  Let's call it (Big Sean Amp Up Style).

      My goal is seeing XS Energy Drinks worldwide and be a household name (Sean Felder).  You will see me in more youtube videos promoting the brand, more Unsyned Heatt DVD's, doing fashion shows as a vendor, selling t shirts, towels, XS logos and give out samples to keep the XS buzz going.
      Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven’t already?

      Sean Felder:  Shout out to the sexy models helping me promote the brand, yourself and Royalty Magazine.  Shout out to DJ Frank Whyte of Unsyned Heatt DVD, DJ Big Cal of Local Spin Radio Show, Elegant Hoodness, CEO Shen Bennet of C'est Magnifique, CEO Myseha Cooper of Ms Her Entertainment, all the magazines that advertised XS Energy Drinks, newspapers, radio show host Nikki Rich, Ebony Brinson of Divaspot Radio, YUL Radio.  

      Also look out for sexy plus size models Porsche Whiters and Luscious Strawberry.  Both Georgia peaches will also wear XS gear to help promote the brand.

      Royalty Magazine: How can people connect with you or get more information about XS Energy drinks?

      Sean Felder:  Contact Sean Felder on or youtube (Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks).  I  have 19 youtube videos promoting XS and counting.  My twitter, facebook & myspace is also under Sean Felder.  To order cases the number to call is 1-800-253-6500.  Say distributor Sean Felder,  when ordering and you will get your case.

      And to the haters, fake models and Amway "you can kiss my ass".  I'm talking to Elegant Hoodness about doing a possible XS Energy Drink freestyle contest soon.  Winner who spits about XS will get prizes from me, so hopefully we can get that popping.  Take care Taz.

      written by
      TazDatMC for Royalty Magazine

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  1. Shen Bennet will host fashion show on June 29th in Boston.