Monday, May 6, 2013

Something New...with Tony Bowe

If you’ve read this blog and/or anything I’ve written you know me to be big on writing reviews for mixtapes and albums as I listen to them. I make it my goal to pass along the straight audio dope for you. As a practice I tend to do this based on a set number of songs. Usually it’s as few as eleven or as many as twenty-eight. As with anything, it varies greatly.

This time marks an unprecedented moment for me and my reviews.

Today I will be giving you, my readers and loyal followers of Royalty Magazine a review based on three singles.

The person who shall pilot this innovation will be New Jersey based artist Tony Bowe.

No one can give a better idea of who you are as an artist but you so take a look at Tony’s bio from

Tony Bowe is a 28-year old recording artist from the New Jersey shore. His upcoming debut album titled Pretty Boy Ugly is a pretty ugly record. Tony's music is for the troubled, cool kids, the dork that was always picked on, atheists and Christians, the Gucci and Armani plastic material world, Hollywood magazine readers to make themselves feel ugly and want to be pretty, cocaine and other substances on the table party people, the drug abused and used, the sober but unhealthy bulimics, hot sluts swinging on a pole for dollars, the beautiful woman in a church, binge drinkers, the stoners and freedom fighters, and the depressed/angry person swinging at their walls. If none of this applies to you, then Tony Bowe's music is not for you. Fuck you.

All at once you can catch the tone of what Tony will be giving you lyrically. Here’s what I got from my listening experience.

Shut Up” is the first track I tackled. For some reason I got a zydeco feel from it. The vibe of it first reminded me of a song I heard from zydeco artist Keith Frank and a track I enjoyed from him called “Haterz”. (It should be noted that it features fellow Louisiana native Boosie.) The track insists upon the silencing the doubters, naysayers, and (ironically enough) the haters. In the first verse Bowe’s rapping is a bit more rhythmic than anything. It isn’t until the second verse that was something that is more hip-hop influenced. I loved everything about the track.

Next I listened to “Take It Off”. There is a fusion of techno and heavy bass that is refreshing to hear. Although he has an original sound, the track as a whole feels akin to Kid Cudi or even MGMT. Once you actually hear the track the theme is pretty self-explanatory.

Finally I listened to “Groovin’”. A lot like “Take It Off” this track has a really eclectic feel to it. Just based on the groove (no pun intended) I love this one most of all. It’s cool and rather calming. This track is a bit more hip-hop heavy with touches of singing and the rhythmic aspects of the other two tracks.

Look, I have no idea when Pretty Boy Ugly is coming but I cannot wait. Three songs have made all the difference for me. Hit him up at and see if you have a similar experience.

written by
Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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