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Indie Artist Spotlight - DRTYBSMNT


The trials and tribulations of life serve to strengthen the strong and weaken the weak.  V-Calibur is a prime example of that statement.  Having been subject to a range of difficulities in life including an extended stay in prison he has overcome all of that moving his life 180 degress and channeling those experiences into some compelling lyrics. Recently Royalty Magazine caught up with V-Calibur.

Royalty Magazine: Whats good bro? Thanks for stopping thru.

V-Calibur: Everything is good. Thanks for having me.

Royalty Magazine: How long have you been pursuing a music career and what was your inspiration to get started?

V-Calibur: I have enjoyed listening to music my whole life. It has gotten me through many difficult times. I have been pursuing a music career for almost a year now. My inspiration to get started has come through past childhood experiences good and bad, street knowledge, and prison life. These things have allowed me to pick up my pen and pad and express my words, feelings and pain through music.

Royalty Magazine: How would you describe your style and who influenced you?

V-Calibur: Groups such as; The Stylistics, The Spinners, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendricks, Metallica etc.

 My style is that of my own with street intuition laid down by some of the greatest founders of the art of storytelling with a poetic twist.

Royalty Magazine: What makes you different from other artists, how do you stand out?

V-Calibur: Lyrically I am going to bring you a story and I am going to paint a picture with my music. I am not going to just give you a song entirely full of metaphors,cliches and throw back jabs.

Royalty Magazine:  Who are your top 5 MCs? 

V-Calibur: Rakim, KRS 1, Joe Budden, NAS, Scarface

Royalty Magazine: Do you produce also?

V-Calibur: No

Royalty Magazine: Tell us about the "Listen 2 my words Feel my pain EP",  who all are involved with that project? 

V-Cabilur: Big Vern better known now as V-calibur executive producer.

Royalty Magazine: What do you think about the current state of hip hop?

V-Calibur: As a hip hop artist I feel that hip hop is losing its soul. If anybody can get on a mic and rap about whatever they are thinking no matter how stupid or phony it sounds and it gets played on the radio the greatness of it is gone. But hip hop will never die due to artists such as myself that has a respect for the old greats.

Royalty Magazine: Where can fans hear your music and how can artists reach you for collabo's? 

V-Calibur: For collabos I can be e-mailed at

Royalty Magazine: Any interests outside of music?

V-Calibur: Yes I am an entrepreneur I have been a personal trainer for over 19 years. I currently own my own gym in Davison, MI where I help people achieve the dreams and desires for their body they are looking for. 

Royalty Magazine: Any last words or shout outs?

V-Calibur: I would like to thank my heavenly father above for bringing me through what he has and making what I am currently doing a possibility.

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