Monday, May 6, 2013

'Imperfect' Is Excellence

Perfection is often boring. Flaws or slight imperfections add a bit of character to things. This applies to so many things that I don't believe it's important or even necessary for me to expound on it. Despite my having said that I will offer at least one example. Imagine you see a woman (or a man, given your preferences) who is perfect. Your mind automatically tries to find a small flaw so as to make you believe you belong in that relationship. Conversely, a small imperfection can be sweet, even endearing. I've met females who are quicky, nerdy, and sarcastic. I've found these slight things added to them.

This is merely an aside, however.

Elle Varner first came to my attention with a hit song featuring J. Cole called "Only Wanna Give It To You". Her voice was different and eclectic. It didn't hurt that's she was pretty as well. "Refill" also grew on me.

Elle titled her debut album Perfectly Imperfect. Maybe it's a nod to her quirky sound or what I was elucidating on a moment ago. I'm personally inclined to believe the former.

The album is rhythmically sound and one great song after another. For the sake of the rest of the album, the two aforementioned songs won't be examined. Here we go...

"Leaf" was a welcome surprise for me. It begins with Elle's vocalizations and a smooth sound. This song is about a good woman who has the back of a good man. Here she compares herself to a leaf in his pocket and the air, something so light that you barely know it's there until you look. This was a clever bit of writing. Everyone, be it man or woman, wants this. This is why the song is so amazing and so relatable.

"Oh What A Night" is a story of a drunken night that sounds like it was one of those amazing nights people often have when drinks are involved. I love the progression of the story through Elle's voice and the drums. The hook puts you in the mind of dancing drunk with the whole bar. It was also really smart to add a slight bit of slurring in the track to denote inebriated conversations. If memory serves correctly, I've had a few nights like this.

"Stop The Clock" strikes me as the other woman's last straw. In this one she speaks of how she holds on for him only to have her hopes dashed time and time again. When I took a moment to listen I had an instant where I saw some of that in myself, me taking on the role of the man as opposed to Elle's (or the girl in question's) role. After finally reaching her wits' end she stops the clock and moves on from him. What I love most is that it's a break-up song that isn't overly bitter or disgusted, rather introspective and intuitive to the situation. This one is probably my favorite on the album.

I also suggest tracks like "Welcome Home" and "Soundproof Room".

Imperfectly Perfect is certainly worth the price of admission solely based on what is presented here for listeners. Although the album consists of only eleven tracks, Elle Varner manages to put so much into the short forty-one minute running time. Everything about this album is perfect...or is it imperfect?

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