Friday, November 9, 2012

Win an EPMD rug from Def Rugs....(Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)


Erick Sermon and Xing & Fox Present Def Rugs. Kick in the floor.
How would you like to win this legendary studio hand made EPMD rug? 

For your chance to win this rug, you must:

  1. Like our page on Facebook at 
  2. Post your track on our timeline with the caption "I have the Hottest Track in the Streetz"
  3. Get at least 10 likes/votes to have your track featured on the countdown
  4. Be the first to have the hottest track for four consecutive weeks to win

Prizes are also available for those who stay in the top 10!  Those prizes include, but are not limited to:

  • Magazine Features
  • Radio Play
  • Mixtape Placement
  • Exclusive Interviews  
  • Mixtape/Album Reviews
  • FREE MAGAZINES (to keep, sell or give away)
  • Global Exposure
  • Worldwide Promotion

Stay in the loop by following Tazzy on twitter @TazDatMC as well as staying tuned in to the official Streetz Radio site at    

Royalty Magazine: What has been your fan response since the launch of Def Rugs? How do you feel your movement adds longevity to the world of hiphop? Are Def Rugs available in stores as well as online? If so, how can people cop them and/or check them out?

Xing N Fox: The response has been great and people are realizing that were not just making logo rugs with legendary mc's, were also making records with them! What were bringing to the longevity is adding another element of creativity, making something totally new and fresh from what we have to work with. Also were placing these iconic logos on peoples floors and wall in ways never done before. So the next generation may see some of these rugs and then discover the music behind the logo. Right now we have them available at and on display at, or you can see them all at my store in NJ.  

Make sure you check out Xing & Fox's exclusive interview w/ Tazzy in the current issue of Royalty!  Also show support by following them on twitter @DefRugs

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