Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Foundation (Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

Founder/Owner/CEO: TazDatMC
Bookings for Magazine Features:

Mailing Address: Royalty Magazine c/o Street Thoughts
PO BOX 21024
Seattle, WA 98111
Info Line: 206-551-1690


Chief Editor/Contributor: TazDatMC
Admin/Editor/Contributor: Lucius Black
Other Contributors: E-Moe for SiMpLy Art Graph-X & Pay$tyle Music; Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

Royalty Magazine is brought to you by TazDatMC (courtesy of Street Thoughts). Street Thoughts has been helping artists showcase their skills as well as promote their brand since 2001. From magazine features to radio play to mixtape placements to worldwide promo, Streetz continues to create opportunities to help artists/business professionals take their career to the next level. For more information please visit

Who is Tazzy? She is a female rapper/entrepreneur born and raised in the Seattle area. Influenced by music at an early age, Tazzy picked up her first mic at age 11 and hasn't looked back since. From an array of mixtapes/albums to worldwide collaborations to running her own magazine, radio station and hip-hop music community, Tazzy has proven why she is a force to be reckoned with.
For more on Tazzy and/or to check out her music, please visit or follow her on Twitter @TazDatMC

4 Years of Royalty!

This November marks 4 years of Royalty Magazine! Royalty Magazine started out as an online project back in November 2008. At that time, Tazzy was looking to create another platform to help herself as well as artists gain exposure. To date, Royalty has featured numerous artists, entrepreneurs & talented individuals from all walks of the earth. It is now a fully functioning print publication looking to expand even more. Show your support by spreading the word about this upcoming movement as well as leaving comments/feedback online. Royalty is also compiling a list of the Top 25 Emcees and R&B acts of the last 25 years so make sure you get your vote in!

It's time for the underground to shine! Find out how Royalty is bringing hiphop back at


What's Inside:

The Showcase: Masta Ace (front cover);front cover);  DJ J-Ronin;  Dollarmentary; Def Rugs; Cherie Johnson

Ear Hustlin' (exclusive interviews; throwback videos; articles)

Real Talk w/E-Moe (Graphic Game)

Mixtape Reviews (J-Lie; Sav Killz)


Beat the Block Radio (a division of Streetz Radio)


Elegant Hoodness Musical Program (Buzz Factor; Below the Radar)

Exposed (from Scam to Con Artists to Wack Behavior)...coming soon!  If you have a story you would like to share or have someone or something that needs to be exposed, hit us up on twitter @RoyaltyMagazine

4 years of Royalty!

Mancode Violations (brought to you by Jokes)

And more...

This is only the 2nd printed issue of Royalty Magazine and we are already buzzing in different states across the U.S. as well as Australia!  If you would like to be a rep and/or distributor for Royalty,
please visit us online at or hit us up on twitter @RoyaltyMagazine

This opportunity is open to businesses, stores, labels, artists, dj's, students and/or anyone looking to support a great cause as well as earn some extra $$$.


Help us expand our issue! Your donation and/or sponsorship of Royalty Magazine will help with the high costs of printing up our magazine. More money = more pages, which in return equals more content as well as opportunities being provided.  Donations are accepted online as well as direct mail.  You can also support just by purchasing a physical copy of Royalty Magazine!

"Royalty is bringing hiphop back”....

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