Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Merked Records, LLC. (Stand Up or Fall Back Issue)

This is an ever changing landscape of music and sounds. Amongst it you have the artists, the managers, the producers, and the movements. When I say this I am also accounting for the up and coming record companies. Without them the machine may slow or even stop. They are cogs in the system and today we're talking about another of those pieces.

Today's talk is of Get Merked Records.

Get Merked Records is an up and coming record label that was first established in 1995. Since then that fledgling company has come a long way. GMR started out as W'Nice Productions as a publishing company. This was a beginning of something great.

In 2000 W'Nice Productions went through a change of sorts and was renamed, becoming Mercado Entertainment/Records.

After this choice they were touted and based mostly as a promotional company. Now after another new name (i.e. Get Merked Records, LLC).

The company is led by CEO Forenzic, a twenty-five year veteran of the music industry. His background includes his work as a DJ alongside his brother and cousin. Based on the music he was playing the door was opened for more creative ventures such as production. These skills acquired over a long career have made him (or given him) the skills to lead his company well.

Armed with Forenzic at the helm they are ready to do business and bring the nation, the world a tremendous new line of music and clothing. Also they hope to bring us all artist singles and release dates.
The mission at GMR is said to be bringing the best services possible.

They work hard and love what they do. From publishing expertise, product lines, and promoting. They do their best to bring a little bit of everything.

And as with a good company they work hard with all of their clients, giving 100% to the table.

There is no stopping GMR. They recently expanded operations from Detroit,MI.

The next expansion is promised to be WORLDWIDE.
For more on this organization, please visit www.Forenzic.tumblr.com

*Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for @RoyaltyMagazine

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