Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mr. Scarface…(Summer Grind Issue 2012)

When I say Scarface, what do you think? Are you thinking about a cocaine consuming Cubano by the name of Tony Montana who somehow becomes a drug lord in Miami? More than likely that’s the thought you’re having. Either that or the penultimate scene where he tells his attackers…

“Say hello to my little friend…”

But if you’re a Southern hip-hop (hell, just a regular hip-hop) purist you know that to be the stage name of Brad Terrence Jordan. He is a founding member of legendary Texas hip-hop group The Geto Boys. After a successful career along with cohorts Willie D and Bushwick Bill he embarked on a solo career that was no less successful. Through that label that made he and the Geto Boys famous (the J. Prince headed Rap-A-Lot Records) he made numerous hit records.

Of all of them I had a few personal favorites. Granted, I love all of his music but two hit me the hardest.

The first was Made. The intro by J. Prince was amazing and set the mood for the next song well. “Never” is a pounding beat to which Scarface all but gives us the definition of his realness and secretly gives those listening rules for maintaining our own levels of realness. The repetition of the word ‘never’ seems to almost make this sound like a set of commandments. “Girl You Know” was an amazing song of love told from a more analytical albeit cold standpoint. Scarface’s storytelling skill was in full display and Trey Songz on the chorus was quite an addition. “Dollar”, the story of a stripper, is another storytelling masterpiece. It’s a must listen and a must have for any music collection.

The other is Emeritus, the album that was to be Scarface’s last. The title seemed fitting.

J. Prince once again does the intro and killed it as usual. “High Powered” was an amazing track to me.  If I were being completely honest I loved all the songs there. The one amongst the many that hit me the most was “Soldier Story”. It was a ghetto tale that was framed well by Z-Ro singing the chorus. 

This all leads me to Scarface’s first mixtape.

Dopeman Music.

It was released on his independent label Facemob Records. This comes two years after announcing his retirement from hip-hop. He speaks on the issue, saying this: “I’m a free agent.”

Once I’ve heard it, you’ll hear about it. Stay tuned.

Courtesy of Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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