Friday, July 13, 2012

‘Lo-Fi’ in Hi-Def…Se7en Davis (The Showcase) Summer Grind Issue

It is my predisposition most times that I’ll be mostly reviewing hip-hop albums or mixtapes of the like. I love hearing new interpretations of hip-hop as seen through the creativity of numerous rappers.
But today’s not about that.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be put on to Se7en Davis, Jr. Right off the bat his name gives me that most obvious set of thoughts, the ones that lead towards bow ties, martinis, and nights with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. The fact that the name seems to pay homage to a legend not only in music but in the African-American community is a major draw for me.

So my listening begins.

All at once my ears are assaulted with sounds that off kilter and outstanding, experimental and excellent. Somehow, it all works well.

By my own admission I’ve never listened to a lot of experimental music. Hearing this today may be enough for me change that unspoken policy with an unsaid celerity that moves faster than a man running.

But what songs (if not all) changed me bone deep like this? Allow me to elucidate a little bit.

Lo-Fi Vintage (which is the name of this effort) starts with an introduction by Davis and then the first track, an expressive track called “Traffic”. The title of this one is right on the money. Close your eyes and listen to for a few moments. It’ll be as if you’ve found yourself in heavy highway traffic on a Friday afternoon. Somehow Davis is able to perfectly capture what that experience is in a little fewer than three minutes. You can’t say that of everyone, vocal or otherwise.

For Love” gives me a vibe not so different than the one you’d get from listening to early Prince. It has that same funky sort of groove and the occasional refrain of “Around the world…” even sounds like something you’d expect from him. Most times I’d say it was theft by a lesser artist but Se7en Davis, Jr. has done it right. Kudos for that, sir.

Highways” has that techno sort of flow that you’d expect in a club scene late evening on a Saturday. There is a pounding beat about it that is altogether addictive and so catchy that you cannot help but nod your head to it.

In theory Lo-Fi Vintage is classified as an experimental music album. An experiment implies a chance of failure. No failure here, just good music that hits your soul just right. Mr. Davis, you’ve taken you ‘Lo-Fi’ to a high definition and I salute you for it.

To check out Se7en Davis: Lo-Fi Vintage, please visit or click cover below.    

Review Courtesy of Lucius Black for Royalty Magazine

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