Friday, July 13, 2012

BIG S.I.N. (The Showcase) Summer Grind Issue

Royalty Magazine: So what's good with you? How has the first half of the year been treating you? What are your plans for the second half?

BIG S.I.N.: Im Great!! The first half has been incredible, I have done 3 videos so far, I have performed in atlanta and had a few great shows and im about to have an album release party for Soul Of Henrock, and my fanbase and buzz has grown, I have also caught the attention of a few things are great...the second half I plan to do it all over again, Im about to start working on my next project called "Southern Gentleman".

Royalty Magazine: Tell us about your current project "The Soul of Henrock". How does this project vary from your previous ones? What are some of your must peep tracks? How can people cop the album?

BIG S.I.N.: It is a street album I have been building anticipation for about a year...I feel like it is my most complete project so far...must peep tracks are Illest Man Alive, Betta Late Than Neva and Heavy D but there are alot of bangers on will be free download on ThatCrack and Datpiff.

Royalty Magazine: If you had a chance to spit in the BET cypha what team of artists would you spit with & why? What beat would you rock to?

BIG S.I.N.: Red and Meth, Pharoahe Monch and KRS-One...I choose them because they are idols of mine and it would be a dream come far as the beat it would have to be a preemo track to capture that true hip-hop

Royalty Magazine: YMCMB is snatching up everybody right now. How do you feel about their artist selections? If given the opportunity would you sign with YMCMB? Why or why not?

BIG S.I.N.: I think the artist they pick fit into the YMCMB structure, every artist has a touch of Lil Wayne some way or another. but hey are themselves, yes I would if the situation was right, they are the top label in the game right now and it gets no better than that.

Royalty Magazine: Are you familiar with the term hip-pop? Are you feeling it at all or do you feel its watering down the true elements of hiphop?

BIG S.I.N.: Yes I am, it has been around forever, the difference now is just the lack of balance on a commercial level, but I think there are artist out there keeping true lyrics alive, it is still core hip-hop out here you just gotta find it.

Royalty Magazine: Speaking of hiphop, take us back to the moment you fell in love with it. What motivated you to pick up the mic? What pushed you to keep trying?

BIG S.I.N.: I feel in love with hip-hop when I first heard Digital Underground's Humpty dance, it made me want to be a MC, just having a love and a passion for this music was the driving force that kept me not doing this to get doing this because I love it!

Royalty Magazine: What are some do's & don't's you have learned throughout your career? Any advice to upcoming artists?

BIG S.I.N.: Do's are to work hard and believe in yourself..there will always be people that don't see your vision...believe in it...Don't's are never depend on anybody to make your dreams come true you have to get out there and make em come true and never think you will make it just because you have talent you gotta work hard...advice to up coming artist is to always stay true to yourself and never stop pushing to reach your matter how hard it may seem...the harder you work...the luckier you will get.

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shout outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we already haven't?

BIG S.I.N.: Salute to the real hip-hop, s/o to my nigga C-Roy...he bout to smash niggas in this rap shit...s/o to all the grinders in NC and across the country....I think we have touched on everything....s/o to Tazzy and Royalty Mag for the support over the years....It is mutual and appreciated.

Royalty Magazine: How can people keep up with you and check out your music?


Royalty Magazine: Thanks...much love & respect!  Keep grinding hard fam!

Interview courtesy of Tazzy for Royalty Magazine

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