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Mixtape Reviews (Spring Ahead Issue) 2012

Sssshhhhh Listen!

If you haven't heard  Runt Dawg's latest musical compilation called Sssshhhh Da Mixtape hosted by Redman, go to and download it for free. Runt Dawg has 13 explicit tracks with metaphors tighter than skinny jeans, that fit over beats looser than baggy pants. All I can say is that this mixtape is loaded with an array of nonstop hardcore tracks from the intro to the end.

Runt Dawg's latest feature named "He'z a Beast" has bombarded the masses. This track is currently number 3 on, but it is quickly rising toward a collision course with the number 1 spot on their charts. To add, his track Stop Kryin' is another no holds barred song that can easily become a street anthem in many inner city hoods.

Tracks six to nine deliver an assortment of messages through the music as they flow seamlessly into each other. For instance:

  • Track six Ahhh Yes with Redman and Ready Roc has an uptempo rhythm suited for dance floors
  • Track seven called City On Fire is a heavily syncopated gangster song with a nicely produced beat that can make people groove
  • Track eight named Da Horses Mouf is a smooth autobiographical song that details some of Runt Dawg's good and bad experiences
  • Track nine with Redman called East Coast is an anthemic song that is reminiscent of the grunt rap made famous in the 90s by Redman, Methodman, and the Wu-Tang Clan    

Runt Dawg has other memorable songs like track eleven, Ima Get My Money with JaysonBourne, and the aformentioned track twelve He'z A Beast; but one of my favorite songs,Shutyafucknmouf is a very bouncy syncopated street track with explicit lyrics that clearly represent the title of this album. If I were a gambler, I would bet that Runt Dawg concluded his mixtape with this track in order to iterate to the Hip-Hop community that he has arrived, and plans to stay. to download and listen to Runt Dawg's Sssshhhh Da Mixtape, and judge for yourself. 

Armon “Ready Roc” Johnson has bricks on his back and money on his mind. His baritone growl has been the perfect complement to Reggie “Redman” Noble on a series of Gilla House releases, most notably the steadfast “I Don’t Budge,” the raucous “Coc Back,” and the hedonistic “Cheerz.” Da B.O.M.B. mixtape puts Ready Roc at center stage, showcasing his struggles and triumphs. It merits a rating of 4 and a half out of 5.

After the “Intro,” we’re reminded that “money makes the world go 'round,” on the grind anthem “Certified Checks.” “Rap Justice” brings that Brick City energy, making excellent use of a Nas sample from “Made You Look.” The beat comes hard and steady, while the video shows Ready ruling a series of dark alleys.

The sneering “Be Gone” is the first of the songs for the ladies, in which our man and Mr. Brown want nothing to do with them after they’ve served their original carnal purpose. Next, the triumphant hook of “Gangsta” eliminates any doubt about Gilla House’s place at the top of the food chain. The track ends abruptly, giving way to the thoughtful and mellow “I’m Coming Home,” which explores stress, mortality and moving on from the past.

No record, especially one from Gillahouse, would be complete without a “Smoker Story,” a classic but earnest “you know you’re high” narrative. A lengthy Alicia Keys sample brings emotion to the confessional “I’m Ready,” which fulfills the record’s serious song quota, allowing Ready Roc and various Gilla House mainstays to tear stuff up on the remaining tracks.

Big Spenders” the main club track, is an immediate head-nodder, with some tribal-meets-digital drums and of course, Redman. Gilla House counterpart Runt Dawg lends some menacing rhymes to “Outlaws”. Mano leads some mathematical calculations on “Money by the Pound” before “Dam it Feel Good” puts an up-tempo island twist on things. The much-loved “Coc Back” brings the record full-circle as the bonus track, with actor name-drops and gunplay galore.

Ready Roc may be slightly slept-on, but he should by no means be counted out. As his lyrics and name attest, he has heart, he puts in work, and he’s fully prepared for immediate action.

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On a scale of 1 to 5, I am giving Runt Dawg's Sssshhh Da Mixtape a solid 4. I based my score on elements such as musical production, lyrical content, and rap delivery. Since most mixtapes are released as rough drafts, I am confident that Runt Dawg will get a higher score from me when he releases the album. With that said, do not forget to check out

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