Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rapper, Teacher, Actor, Father

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy is a 1974 British spy novel by John le Carre, featuring George Smiley. Smiley is a middle-aged, taciturn, perspicacious intelligence expert in forced retirement. He is recalled to hunt down a Soviet mole in the “Circus”, the highest echelon of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). In keeping with le Carre’s work, the narrative begins in media res (Latin phrase meaning “into the middle of things“) with the repatriation of a captured British spy. The background is supplied through a series of flashbacks.

I reference this to make a point.

And to borrow the theme of le Carre’s I will start in the middle.

We find Bernard Freeman relaxing with wife Angela Walls and his two stepchildren at home. At home he’s Dad or honey.

To us he’s Bun B.

But he’s more than that.

Bun B is firstly a rapper, one half of the legendary Southern hip-hop group UGK with the late Chad Butler (Pimp C). This group is responsible or a lager part of defining what the iconic Southern hip-hop subgenre sounds like. He also enjoys a successful solo career, began during Pimp C’s incarceration and continued after his tragic passing. In both walks in hip-hop stardom he has given us hits that we will also carry with us.

As a part of UGK we were given “The Game Belongs To Me” and “One Day” to name a few.

In his solo career we were gifted with “You’re Everything” and “Get Throwed”.

He is also a teacher as well. Starting in the spring semester of 2011, Bun B joined the faculty of Rice University as a Distinguished Lecturer. He taught a course in the School of the Humanities on Hip-Hop and Religion.

There are also credits as an actor. He acted in the straight-to-DVD movie “Ghetto Stories: The Movie”. At current it is unknown as to whether he is still pursuing an active acting career.

And of course he is a father and a husband. It can be also noted that one of his stepsons is American rapper Young B, who is currently a member of the rap group Youngest N Charge. The group currently serves as Bun B’s opening act.

A legend wears many hats. Nowhere is this truer than in this Port Arthur, Texas native. I love the fact that despite his already impressive credentials he hasn’t gotten too comfortable or too lazy.

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