Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have favorite rappers like you’d have favorite sports teams.

My favorite baseball team? I don’t have one.

Favorite football team(s)? Firstly I am a New England Patriot to my heart, followed by the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles.

Favorite basketball team? The Boston Celtics.

As far as rappers go I have numerous rappers that I really like. OutKast, T.I., Curren$y, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Cyhi Da Prynce, Big K.R.I.T. and many others. But the rapper I have loved consistently is Lavell Crump.

He is the rapper/producer known as David Banner.

Ever since Mississippi: The Album I have been on the bandwagon. As with anyone who followed his career after this point it was “Like A Pimp”, a collaboration with Houston, TX rapper Lil’ Flip that opened the door. That track was addictive back then. The beginning drums always seemed to catch your ear and put your body in motion.

Of all his studio albums I loved MTA2: Baptized In Dirty Water. That one was something that made my head nod with each repeated playing.

“Crank It Up” was excitement forced into a short amount of time with the late Static Major lending his voice to the chorus and every so often in the song. This song displayed Banner’s reckless and wild delivery, the Mississippi heavy in every syllable.

“Gots To Go” is the sort of rap song that speaks of the road and its effect on women who the rappers featured might encounter, be it the mother of someone’s child or just a random groupie. It is without a doubt misogynistic but it is so well done that I can look past that.

“Lil’ Jones” is my favorite on the entire album. Atlanta native Bonecrusher and Banner pass the verses back and forth with their particular Southern drawls heavy in the rhymes. It plays like a perfect volley that I scarcely wanted to end.

After this album came Certified and The Greatest Story Ever Told. Beautiful projects as well.

Another favorite was Banner’s collaboration with 9th Wonder called Death Of A Pop Star. Both were admittedly passionate about it and that made me anxious to hear it.

I heard it and loved it.

“Slow Down” was my jam.

I woke up in Heaven with my baby…

Between trying to get his Master’s degree and championing hip-hop he is prepping MTA3: The Trinity Movement.

I cannot wait for another CD from Banner, my first favorite rapper.

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