Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Am Not A Rapper

Before I go any further with this review I would like to give you this disclaimer of sorts:

I understand the album and/or mixtape that will be reviewed here is not of the hip-hop or rap genre but it is my hope that by opening the eyes of the masses to it, maybe it will inspire further creativity. That is my sincerest hope here.

I have made a very constant stream of references to Coldplay as of late. As the disclaimer has previously and so eloquently proclaimed, the band cannot be considered hip-hop but you cannot rightly deny that Chris Martin (Coldplay front man) hasn’t made his mark in this community.

Think about it for a second.

Swizz Beatz’ “Part Of The Plan” and “That Oprah”

Jay-Z’s “Beach Chair”

And of course Kanye West’s “Homecoming” can be added to this list.

Because of the influence he has I felt it prudent and rather necessary to review Coldplay’s newest album. Their newest effort, Mylo Xyloto, is the subject of this review. The title has the strange gift of throwing you off if only for the briefest of seconds. It threw me when I first heard about it. It wasn’t until I listened to it that I saw that this album is just as wonderful as the others before it.

The sound explodes without killing you. More to the point it enters your spirit and makes it soar. Flowery and wordy, I know. But give the album a listen and tell me that I’m wrong.

These are a few of the standout tracks:

-“Us Against The World”-The slow ease here is perfect for the subject matter here. It is a lovesick anthem told with an aching that is pure sadness and at the same time beautiful. The acoustic guitar is wonderfully crisp and the music isn’t rushed. Martin and crew take their time here to tell an amazing story.

-“Major Minus”-I couldn’t tell you why but this one plays like a Southern rock ballad to me. There’s a menacing something about it that reminds me of that genre. The guitar screams perfection towards the end that I love beyond all compare.

-“Princess Of China”-My personal favorite, actually. Rihanna assists the guys on this throbbing and eclectic track. It is a brokenhearted anthem that seems at odds with the swell of the music itself. Rihanna’s vocals are different here, somehow clearer and more emotive. All and all, a great listen

The title makes not a drop of sense to me personally but the music makes all the sense in the world to me sonically. Chris, you and the guys are on point. This makes me anxious for your next foray into hip-hop.

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