Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Week of 1/22-1/28)

1. F*ck Da City Up-Leave it to Atlanta native T.I. to start my 2012 off with a wonderful mixtape. Quite possibly the best thing that my ears have heard this year. I feel I can say this without a trace of doubt. It is absolutely wonderful how this one plays like a typical effort from Mr. Harris. Be advised that the epic nature here is making a review a forgone conclusion.


2.Live Loyal, Die Rich-As of late hip-hop artists that you would originally think down for the count have been making a habit of returning. For example, I had no hope of ever seeing N.O.R.E. again but he’s making a resurgence that I am wholly behind. The person I speak of now is Young Buck. After his breaking with G-Unit, I thought that was the end. But via livemixtapes.com he has released a new mixtape called Live Loyal, Die Rich. I loved him back in the day but I reserve judgment until I hear this new set of songs.


3.“She Hates The Bass”-I love a good sample for a song. Today as I was relaxing I found myself listening to Stalley again. As I allowed his beats to pound I rediscovered “She Hates The Bass”. Only in that moment did I realize the sample he used for this one. It was a favorite by jazz trumpeter Herb Alpert called “Making Love In The Rain”. Best use of Herb Alpert since The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize”. (His track “Rise” is the basis of that classic.)


4.Future-Am I wrong to dislike Atlanta rapper Future as much as I do? I cannot rightly say. But I do. Can’t help it, really. I appreciate his hustle. That much I can say with complete honesty. But besides that he killed off me as a fan with that repetitive and annoying (and admittedly addictive) “Tony Montana” song. I listen to his music and I get a lot of the same. Same script and no different cast, I’m afraid.


5.Rihanna-Although she isn’t particularly hip-hop, I have to give her props. She’s a lot like T-Pain is on a chorus and/or hook-murderous. Case in point, do you listen to Coldplay? If so, have you heard the new album Mylo Xyloto? She’s featured on the song “Princess Of China”. Hell, she’s even performing with them at The Grammys. This young woman hits every genre and never loses her credibility or her style. That’s definitely a good thing.


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