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The Showcase (Winter Wonderland Issue)

And this months light shines on....

Rob Ross
TazDatMC of Royalty Magazine caught up with Seattle's own Rob Ross.  Here is how it went down...

Royalty Magazine:  What's good fam?

Rob Ross:  ‘Life

Royalty Magazine:  How are things on your end?

Rob Ross:  ‘Everything is moving...

Royalty Magazine:  Tell us about Rob Ross? 

Rob Ross:  We don’t have enough room for all that, let’s jus say all business man!

Royalty Magazine:  Lol.  I can dig it...What is your position in this industry?

Rob Ross:  C.E.O one of my many handles is "Mr. BusinessMan" cause I’m all Business Man.

Royalty Magazine:  Why are you referred to as the hood dentist?

Rob Ross:  I do gold grillz, whatever you can think of as long as you can afford it lol….

Royalty Magazine:  Lol...I can dig it!  Tell us about Penny Pinchin records. 

Rob Ross:  We started in 95, my Cousin Mr. Benjamin and a few other cats was doing a comp called "the Best of the Northwest".  Well the other guy involved thought it would be better that we all start our own I did.  My brother Jay Suade was locked up @ the time, but I asked him to give me some names to add with the ones I already came up with.  Anyways on his next call he was like I got it "Penny Pinchin"!  My first reaction was hell no but he said read the definition so I did. I laughed at him because the definition was "Stingy".  He laughed and said like scrooge so it stuck… 

Royalty Magazine:  What is your objective and overall mission of the label?

Rob Ross:  Get a team of real folks that want the same things I want and go as hard as we can so that we be heard for the next 20-30 yrs.

Royalty Magazine:  Being a promoter and working in this industry, you have come across a lot of talent.  In your opinion, what makes an artist hot? 

Rob Ross:  The same thing that makes you a success in any business hard work & dedication, back in the day it took real talent and who you knew…

Royalty Magazine:  What makes an artist and/or career fail?

Rob Ross:  No drive jus setting on your hands inconsistency. 

Royalty Magazine:  Being from the town (Seattle), who would you say are some local artists to look out for?

Rob Ross:  EVERYBODY!!!!

Royalty Magazine:  I know you always got some ish poppin!  Tell us about a few of your upcoming shows and/or projects...

Rob Ross:  And you know this man (in my Chris Tucker voice)...I have a mixtape droppin soon with DJ topspin and you will be able to get it on in a month or so.  My Birthday is in Dec so stay tuned on my facebook pages/website for location and dates...San Quinn rockin with me too….

Royalty Magazine:  That's wassup!  What is your website or contact info? 

Rob Ross: or also coming soon

Royalty Magazine:  Any last words/comments/shout outs...

Rob Ross:  Jockquess, Mr. Benjamin, Young Fast, Butch the Bully, Suade Dogg,Yellow linez, Drako, Body Guard, Royal Events, Presidenal Media, Seaspot, Frontline promo, Dj Peg, Dj Sean malik, Dj Ddox, Jin Poppas Ent., Tenacaces Ent., Dahlak Restaurant, Trophies Bar, Sk Studios And everyone on my up and coming mixtape...

Royalty Magazine:  Good looking out for the interview love...keep grinding!  #TownBizness 

Chief Editor @TazDatMC also caught up with Sev Da Producer. 

Royalty Magazine:  What's good with you?  How was your summer?

Sev Da Producer:  I can't complain. Bills are paid. Family is safe and secure. My summer was actually good. I spent a great deal of time with family and visited a few places. 

RM:  That's wassup...  Tell us who is Sev Da ProducerDescribe yourself in 5 words or less...

Sev:  Different. Creative. Driven. Cautious. Deadly.

RM:  How did you get started producing? What pushed you to take that first step and start making beats?

Sev:  I actually started out as a rapper. The thought of me producing a record never crossed my mind. I didn't even know how people made beats for that matter. However, I was always into music but I was rapping at first. It was only until I was trying to make an original demo that I learned about production. It was then that I realized that I needed original beats and the only place to get them were from producers. Finding the producers wasn't the problem, the prices they were charging was the problem. So that whole budget scenario forced me into learning how to produce for myself. I guess it payed off in the long run.

RM:  I can dig it!  In being an emcee I can understand because I used to play around with beats myself because of some of the same factors.  I didn't stick with it, but I know what you mean.  That's cool!  Do you remember your first beat?  Was it hot or wack?  How have you grown over the years?

Sev:  Ahhh.... My first beat. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was really hard to say how good it was because everything I produced was judged differently at that time. I was viewed as a person that had no idea how to produce a record at all and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I began producing music. I felt my first beat was the greatest record ever created but that was only in my opinion. Not to mention that I was a beginner. However, I didn't want to rely on my ears only so I played it for all of the rappers in my area and most of them agreed that I had a skill to produce. I later realized that it must be good because people would randomly start rapping seconds after I press play. I believe that I have increased my skill over the years though. My ear has developed greatly over the years to the point that I hear sounds better or differently. Most of it is due to the amount of growing technology that we now have available. I am able to manipulate sound in ways that I never thought were possible before.

RM:  You recently produced your first music video. Tell us what that experience was like?  What has been your fans response?  Can we expect anymore videos?

Sev:  I actually had my own public access television show back in 05 called SEZWHO TV. My cousin JAY BLACK hosted the show and I did all of the camera work and editing. I always did video production and music production but later on I focused all of my attention to the music production side of everything. I enjoy shooting videos as much as I do producing music. It was fun making my most recent video with my homie "Dimez the Bully". We were actually sitting in the studio when I was messing around with the drum machine. I created the beat on the spot and he just pinned some lyrics right there. I wanted to get back into the filming side of things so we set a date and shot a video. People love the video from what I am hearing. Most of the feedback would come through fans of Dimez because they love his music and like to see visuals. However, most people don't know me for directing videos so its still settling in. The people that saw the video was shocked when they seen how I can create an entire piece. Sound and Visual. Its great because I have several artists that I am creating visuals for.

RM:  I can dig it!  Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.  What are some of your other accomplishments?  Upcoming projects?

Sev:  There were so many things that I have done that made me happy. Winning the 09 UMA for Emerging producer of the year was a great feeling. It just made me realize how many people actually see me emerging. Producing the intro on Lloyd Banks V5 mixtape was definitely another great moment for me. However, there is so much more that I want to do that this is not even fraction of what I consider an accomplishment, i consider them great moments.

Right now I am working on a short film for my #sevstories twitter posts. Stay tuned for that because it is definitely going to be something different. I am turning my tweets into a visual for all of my readers. I am producing records for a few artists over seas and locally and just enjoying life at the same time. I have a lot of great things to come but I don't want to let all of the secrets out of the bag yet.

RM:  True!  A visual for your tweets is def some different.  Sounds interesting.  I will be looking out for it.  Who are some artists that you have worked with?  Would like to work with?

Sev:  I worked with hundreds of underground artists all across the United States and overseas. However, most people know me for the work I did with    Lloyd Banks, Charlie Clips, Ransom, Hedonis Da Amazon, Trilogy, Fred the Godson and more. I honestly like to work with artists that can take my beats to the next level. Artists that can turn a good beat into a great record.

RM:  Being from an area that is so competitive, what makes you stand out as a producer?  Why should artists let you produce their track?

Sev:  There are many ways to separate yourself from the competition but what separates everybody no matter what is the music. I simply focus on making music that I like to create. I make music with the intent to dictate the radio. I don't allow the radio to dictate what I am going to make. Artists have the choice. If they want me to produce the record its because they want my sound not because it was forced on them.

RM:  Any advice to upcoming artists and business professionals?

     1) Write all of your ideas down.
     2) Prioritize your ideas.
     3) Execute a plan that will bring your idea to life.
     4) Work until you see results.

RM:  Any comments/shout outs/last words?

Sev:  I would like to thank you for the interview and allowing people to get to know me a little more. Life is hard but we must remain positive at all times.  

RM:  Real Talk.  Thank you for taking the time out to chop it up.  Good interview!  What is your twitter?  How can people keep up with you?

Sev:  You can catch me on twitter 24/7 @sevdaproducer or hit up SEVGOTBEATS.COM

What other artists are shining?

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